Our History

In the spring of 2021 The Blooming Barn will open its proverbial doors to the public once again.

At the same location, "Blooming Barn" was the Comox Valley's biggest dried flower operation of their time. Taking advantage of the booming dried flower market, they thrived growing, drying, dying and arranging their beautiful flowers until they closed their doors in the early 2000's.

The property changed hands a few times since then, and now we are ready to bring back the blooms. In an homage to the site and it's history, we decided to name our farm after them to continue their legacy. With sustainable growing practices, we can be sure it will be giving for many years to come.

We found a few pictures from it's former glory, and with community support and a little luck, we will be adding to it for many years to come. If you have any snaps or stories from that time we would love to hear from you!

Who Wears Short Shorts?
FARMERS. We get a lot of sun, even here in on the Rain Coast. Perfect for growing those big or delicate or fragranced blooms that you won't be seeing at the grocery store florists, where shipping and handling dictates what types of stock they bring in.

A Field of Zinnias - These will never go out of style.

A personal favorite of ours here. Not just for the many intense colors and long vase life, but we get to enjoy them in the field before being cut, unlike most flowers that get harvested right before they open, ensuring you get the most out of them in an arrangement.

Where we are today

You may have driven past the property the last couple years, where we sell eggs or some fresh veg, or even taken a picture with our GIANT pumpkin!

The Zinnias are back! This time with better exposure.

3617 Dove Creek Rd

Courtenay BC