What we offer

Our farm stand is always open, we are operating on the Honour System, so its up to you when you'd like to come. We currently have pumpkins for sale, and will offer holiday wreaths shortly!

Pick up location for the Bouquet Club or custom orders.

Gift certificates/ subscription vouchers available

1 Bouquet per month (total of 4)

$29 ea + Tax= $129.92

Bi-weekly Bouquets (total of 8)

$28 ea +Tax= $250.88

Weekly Bouquets (total of 13)

$27 ea +Tax= $393.12

Limited numbers are available so book your's today!

2022 Bouquet Club
Give yourself, business or loved one a subscription to quality home-grown flowers arranged specially for you.

Subscriptions guarantee you fresh 20-30 stem arrangements

for 4 months;

Mid-June through Mid-September

Collected at the farm on designated days, under 10 minutes outside of Downtown Courtenay

Bouquets come hand arranged and fed in a vase for you to keep and an extra packet of flower food

With over 75 different varieties of flowers and foliage, you're sure to get a fresh, one-of-a-kind bouquets with flowers that have been bred for color, fragrance and form, not just for shipping resilience.

We also offer buy-back of the vases at the end of the season.

"Bouquet of the Day" available at the farm stand on the weekends

We take pre-orders for custom bouquets of any size and type
Full buckets of blooms available on request for the diy-ers

Contact us with your project