What we offer

U-Pick Flowers      -     Summer Bouquet Club

"Bouquet of the Day" available at the farm stand on the weekends

We take pre-orders for custom bouquets of any size and type
Full buckets of blooms available on request for the diy-ers during growing season

Contact us with your project

U-Pick Flower Field 

***CLOSED UNTIL JUNE 15th(ish)****

Open Weekends 


We Provide:

We provide clippers, a jar to clip into and tips and tricks on how to choose the flowers and get the best vase life from your blooms.  Vases will be available to purchase

What you need:

Receptacle to bring flowers home in, Appropriate shoe ware 

We have 13  rows, 70 feet long, with over 75 varieties and colors, from Sunflowers, to Dahlias, to ‘Frosted Explosion Grass’, you're sure to find something you love!  

(thats  over 3,600 square feet of flowers!)

Decorative mini pumpkins and gourds also available in fall

Pricing is determined by the vase size clipped into:

Regular  $20 +tax 

Large $40 +tax 

BIG Bucket of Blooms $120 +tax

Summer Bouquet Club Subscription

Still available

Give a loved one, yourself or your business a subscription to quality home-grown flowers arranged specially for you

Subscriptions guarantees fresh 20-30 stem arrangements, available

Mid-June through Mid-September

Bouquets are picked and hand tied hours before you receive them with a complimentary vase per subscription

Collect at the farm on designated days, just 5 kilometers from Courtenay

1 month of weekly bouquets (total of 4) 

$29 ea = $116 +tax

Bi-weekly Bouquets for the season (8)

 $28 ea = $224 +tax

Weekly Bouquets for the season (12)

  $27 ea = $324 +tax